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MEET Robert McClelland

Hello, my name is Robert McClelland, and I run Rob’s Mowing and Landscaping. I started this company as a way to help pay my way through college, but quickly realized that I could help my friends and other college-aged kids to do the same. I had already been landscaping for two years when I founded the company, and I was ready to step out on my own and stop earning minimum wage. To that end, I make it a point to pay all of my employees above-market wages. I know that they have college debts to pay off too, and they are willing to work hard when they are not in school to be able to do it. I and all of my employees have plenty of experience in performing the services we offer, but even though we believe our service to be top-notch, we make it a point to try to give you as much value as we possibly can when we work for you. Whether you’re just looking for someone to come out and cut your grass or take care of some weeds, or if you’re looking for someone to do a major job for your entire yard, we’re the guys to call. Set up a free estimate today!

Robs Mowing and Landscaping
Sidewalk Path After
Sidewalk pat
Robs Before and After
Robs After


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